One of the most innovative worksurfaces ever to be developed for the stained glass industry. The interlocking grids can lay flat or stand upright to create a walled area to contain water spray or flying glass chips. Serves as an excellent worksurface to capture small pieces of glass while also acting as an excellent back-splash/workstation. Lay it flat for an excellent worksurface to cut glass on or use it as the foundation for the Beetle Bit System or the Cutter's Mate™.

Made of high impact Lexan, the tops of each cell is rounded so your glass glides easily across the surface. Want to clean out the debris from one section- just lift out the individual section without disturbing the rest. Each grid measures 11.25" x 11.25" and they can be purchased as a 2-Pack, 4-Pack or 6-Pack. They can be joined in many configurations including rectangular, square or even L-shaped formats as for an L-Shaped counter situation. The see-through material can be used as the top of a light box so you can cut glass directly over a light box. The grids freely interlock so you can have smooth surfaces up while connected to surfaces which have cell surfaces facing up. A truly innovative and flexible system.

Waffle Grid Features
The tops of each cell are rounded to allow glass to slide easily across surface.
Made of high impact Lexan for rugged use.
See through material makes for a good surface for light boxes as well as work areas.
Grids interlock so you can have cell surfaces up as well as smooth surfaces up. Configure to your requirements.
Individual sections can be removed and cleaned without disturbing adjacents grids.
Can easily be dismantled and stored conveniently in a drawer.

Waffle Grid 6-Pack
(#5255-06)- Reg. $69.95
SALE PRICE - $59.95
Waffle Grid 4-Pack
(#5255-04)- Reg. $51.95
SALE PRICE - $41.95
Waffle Grid 2-Pack
(#5255-02)- Reg. $27.95
SALE PRICE - $23.95
6-pack Waffle Grid set up as a worksurface (top photo) and as a grinder station (middle photo).
4-pack Waffle Grid set up with Strip Pro cutter