A precision made tool from Creator's Stained Glass, that makes glass cutting effortless. The Cutter's Mate™ glass cutter maintains a perfect 90° angle to the surface of your glass insuring a perfect score everytime. You provide gentle pressure and guidance while the cutter glides effortlessly across the glass. The cutting head can rotate a full 360°, giving you the ability to cut any shape that you can trace or draw. The weighted cutter head requires so little pressure, you can cut glass while sitting down!

The Cutter's Mate™ can sit directly on your work table or fit into either Creator's own
Waffle System worksurface, or a Morton Maxi surface. Want to see a demo? Click here.

The Cutter's Mate™ is available in two models; the standard Cutter's Mate™, and the Cutter's Mate™ Plus. The only difference is the length of the cutting arm; 16" for the standard model, and 21" for the Plus. The standard Cutter's Mate™ is capable of making a 42.5" straight cut, while the Plus can cut up to 62.5".

You can turn any of the Cutter's Mates™ into a highly precise strip cutter with the
Strip Pro™ attachment. The Strip Pro™ attachment fits directly on to the slide bar that is already included in the Cutter's Mate™.

Cutter's Mate Features
Cutter's Mate™
Strip Pro™ Attachment
  • A oil-fed carbide cutter head is installed in the unit and can be filled with lubricant through the top of the handle.
  • Ready to use right out of the box. Modular construction for one-step assembly and storage.
  • Rubber feet for use on a tabletop, bench surface, Waffle Grid, or Morton surface.
  • All painted surfaces are powder-coated to resist chipping and scratching.
  • Large, comfortable foam handle eliminates strain normally experienced while scoring glass.
  • Low maintenance.
Cutters Mate™
(#5250)- Reg. $299.95
SALE PRICE - $219.95
Cutters Mate Plus™
(#5250P)- Reg. $359.95
SALE PRICE - $259.95