All-U-Need Flat Lap Machines- Free Shipping
Here's a great tool for glassworkers of all persuasions for grinding and polishing straight edges. Simply place your glass on edge on the rotating diamond disc and get perfectly straight edges. Grind initially with the coarsest disc and polish as smooth as you like with each succeeding disc.
On Sale (Details).

Zephyr Plus Ring Saw
With its round blade and large worksurface, the Zephyr will make the job of cutting the most difficult glass shapes effortless and an absolute pleasure. Inexpensive blades and replacement parts make the Zephyr ring saw economical to own and maintain. The new Zephyr Plus includes a standard blade, a free standard blade and a free maintenance kit (3 extra grommets). In addition, during the months of June through August, Gryphon will send you 4 grinder bits for the price of postage.
On Sale- $349.95. (Details).

Gryphon Glass Grinders
Gryphon offers innovative glass grinders at a very affordable price. Its flagship model, the Convertible grinder (shown left), features the ability to angle the worksurface allowing the user to sit while grinding. Gryphon also offers two other grinder options, the Studio and Gryphette grinders, for the professional and hobbyist glass artisans.
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Inland Glass Grinders
Inland has been manufacturing diamond grinders for the stained glass industry for over 30 years. They also produce, in the USA, their line of diamond grinder heads against which all others are measured. Their 3 grinders; Wizard IV, Wiz and Wizling are now back in stock and they're all on sale.
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Gryphette Grinder
One of the most economical grinders you can buy. This a perfect entry-level grinder for the occasional glass artist, student, or classroom. It may have a small footprint but it has a powerful and quiet motor which is almost impossible to stall, even with a 1" grinder head in place. On Sale- $79.95.

Wissmach Victorian Mottles
The look of hand cast glass at a very affordable price. Wissmach's Victorian Mottles have a subtle "catspaw" mottle reminiscent of old world glass that's ideal for antique windows and lampshades. One of the best values in the stained glass marketplace.
As low as $

Filigrees for Odyssey Lampshades
We now have in stock the filigrees for the Odyssey Dragonfly, Poppy and Fish lampshades.
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Foot Switch
One of the best accessories you can buy for your grinder or saw. Just plug your grinder into the back of the plug and step on the foot petal to activate your machine. Best of all, when you take your foot off the petal, the grinder stops, thus saving the life of your grinder's motor. It's also a great safety measure; it allows both hands to be free while you're grinding your glass or operating your saw. (Details).
On Sale- $32.49

Toyo Pistol Grip Cutter
The newly updated Toyo Pistol Grip cutter now features their new tap wheel technology. Comfortable to hold and easy to use with it's self-oiling reservoir, the carbide wheel is constantly lubricated as you score glass.
On Sale- $31.95 (Details).

Cutter's Mate Cutting System
A precision made tool from Creator's Stained Glass. All you do is guide the weighted cutting head over the surface of the glass and you get a perfect score time after time. It's so easy to use you can cut sitting down!
On Sale- $199.95.

Clarity Kaleidoscope Kits
What a great idea for a gift for the holidays. Make a big splash this year by giving a kaleidoscope that you've made from scrap glass. We have 3 kaleidoscope kits on sale for you to make that will wow your friends and relatives.
Mini-Scope Kit
, MarbleScope Kit, & Aeroscope Kit. On Sale.

Paned Expressions Pattern CDs
Explore the treasury of patterns that are available on Paned Expressions' CDs. There's scores of patterns available on each CD that you can colorize and enlarge in your favorite graphics program. Each pattern is available in JPG, TIFF and Glass Eye 2000 format. Check out all the patterns before you buy right here on our web site by clicking on "details" below.
As low as $21.95 each!


Weller 100 Watt Iron
The professional's choice. One of the best irons money can buy. Automatically maintains a constant tip temperature without having to make any adjustments. An absolute pleasure to use.
On Sale- $89.95 (Details).

Twofer Grinder Heads
Get 2 grinder heads for the price of one. Each grinder head has double the amount of diamond grit as a normal head. More diamonds mean longer lasting heads.
New Medium grit (170), Jewelry & Fusing bits too.
On Sale (Details).

ProFusion Studios has created a new combination of mica powders and a dichroic coating to create "Satin Shimmers". These fusible decals create a satin-like luster unlike any other dichroic effect. Available on clear or black back decal and not COE dependant.

MiniPhaser Soldering Iron Controller
Soldering just got a lot easier with the re-introduction of Inland's perennial favorite: the MiniPhaser. Just plug your soldering iron into the MiniPhaser for infinite temperature control of your soldering iron. (Details).

Nite Lites
Our ivory colored nite lites are a great way to add light and color to any room. Now is the time to buy them before an imminent price increase. Super Sale. (Details).

Fritmaker & Sifters
Make your own frit from your left-over fusible scrap glass. Now you don't have to wait to finish your project because you don't have the right color or size frit. You can make your own whenever you need it.
On Sale.(Details).

Circle Pro 12
Cut circles like a pro. The Circle Pro 12 from Creator's Stained Glass cuts circles from 3/8" - 12" in diameter. One of the most foolproof circle cutters made!
On Sale- $99.95. (Details).

New Patterned Bails from Aanraku Studios
Jazz up the look of your fused glass jewelry pieces with Aanraku's newest patterned bails. Three new styles to choose from.
On Sale. (Details).

Flight into Fantasy Hummingbirds
Beautifully detailed cast metal figures, the Flight into Fantasy hummingbirds make wonderful hanging suncatchers. Add the glass of your choice for a nice weekend afternoon project.
On Sale. (Details).

Looking for the latest in stained glass pattern books and publications? Just click on "NEW BOOKS" in the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen and we'll take you to one of the most up-to-date places on the web to find what's new in pattern and instructional stained glass books. Recently updated, our book pages will now load much faster, with higher resolution images just a click away.

Table Foiler
Here's a foiling machine you will instantly love! Take the frustration out of foiling with the Table Foiler, the new portable tool that dispenses, applies and crimps foil in one smooth process.
On Sale- $61.95! (Details).


Fused Glass Supplies
Check out our extensive selection of fusing supplies.

Aanraku Jewelry Supplies
Aanraku's jewelry bails and belt buckles are on sale this month. There's a great selection to be had and the prices are fantastic! Check out the NEW medium size in the sterling silver plated bails and the addition of .925 sterling silver bails.
On Sale. (Details).

NEW medium