Spectrum Glass makes an incredible variety of colors and textures. Their glass is renowned for their ease of cutting- an ideal glass for the beginner. Spectrum glass has a wide variety of glass including clear textures, opalescents, Waterglass™, Baroque™, Pearl Opals, Spirit, and Opal Art.
Clear Textures- a myriad of textured clear glass ideal for backgrounds and borders in windows, cabinet doors, and lanterns Waterglass™- Spectrum's Waterglass™ offers the widest selection of colors in a translucent glass. It's beautiful shimmery brilliance lends itself wonderfully for window work. It cuts easily and is a good glass for beginners.
Opalescent Glass- commonly described as the addition of a white opal to a cathedral mixture at the time of manufacture. Creates a varying color range within the sheet of glass and adds an opaque density ideal for diffusing light. Baroque™- Spectrum Baroque is machine made "reamy" glass, created by combining glasses of mis-matched compositions. The different glasses "oppose" each other when they are stirred together, creating artistic 3-D swirls. A Spectrum exclusive.
Translucent Glass- Not quite as opaque as opalescent glass and allows more light transmition than an opalescent glass. Has a few clear areas within the mix, but not nearly as much as a wispy would. Can still be used in a lampshade to opacify a light bulb with a more "feathery" grain than an opal. Spirit™- Stained glass artisans and glass fusers will enjoy a burst of new color combinations as Spectrum introduces a new family of multicolored glass called Spirit™. In this vibrant System 96® assortment, brilliant comets of color splash across sheets of Crystal Clear or Firelight White. The effect is highly reminiscent of hand-blown art glass, available now for the first time in affordable sheet glass.
Wispy Glass- a lighter addition of opal to the manufacturing process resulting in a combination of color, opal and clear. The glass is not quite as opaque as opalescent, but still provides obscurity. Primarily a window glass. Pearl Opals™- Spectrum's newest innovation in art glass is the creation of Pearl Opal Art. Essentially they have combined two colors with a white opal, clear base and added a Corsica texture. A highly brilliant glass!