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INLAND GRINDER STATION- The easy way to keep your grinding area clean! This durable 4-sided plastic device unfolds to form a shield that is 12" high with four 8.5" adjustable sides. For cleaning , just rinse under water. Useful grinding hints and Inland product information printed on the inside face.

  • Grinder Station
    (#2205) -
  • On Sale- $12.95


MOTOR SHAFT LUBE- Protect your investment in your grinder machines, diamond bits, blades, laps, arbors and tools with this Teflon-based lubricant. Inland's motor shaft lube prevents grinder heads and other grinder parts from freezing and seizing onto the motor shaft. The lube comes in a convenient 3 gram pre-packaged sealed bag.

  • Motor Shaft Lube
    (#2615) -

SECOND STORY WORK SURFACE- The Inland second story work surface simply sits on top of your grinder and allows you to rest and wet your glass while you grind with your 1/4" grinding head. No more adding water by means of a squirt bottle - the work surface has a reservoir for a sponge to keep the head and glass wet.
  • Second Story Work Surface
    (#2210) -
  • On Sale- $12.95

FOOT SWITCH - One of the best accessories you can have for your grinder. Once you use it, you'll never work without it again. Just plug your grinder into it and step on the foot petal to activate your machine. Take your foot off the petal and the machine stops. Allows both hands to be free for holding the glass while you grind. As a matter of fact, you can plug a ring saw, came saw or any other machine that operates with a motor that you would like to be able to turn on and off with the aid of a foot switch.

  • Foot Switch
    (#2231) -
  • On Sale - $32.49


NICK'S GRINDERS MATE- Do you complain that your fingers are getting shredded by sharp edges of glass while grinding? Nick's Grinder's Mate spells relief. This handy little tool firmly clamps your glass and allows you to grind without holding the glass with your fingers. The Grinder's Mate's wide base insures the glass is perpendicular to the grinder head for nice squared edges. The sturdy spring and rubber jaws holds the glass firmly while you grind. A real time and finger saver!!

  • Nick's Grinders Mate
    (#2690) -
    $19.95... Sale Price - $16.95
  • When ordering 3 or more- $15.95 each

GRINDER TONGS - Grinder Tongs feature a patented "duckbill nose" and spring-loaded handle that holds small pieces of glass perpendicular to a grinding head without your fingers ever coming in contact with the grinder head.

  • Grinder Tongs
    (#4124) -
  • When ordering 3 or more- $9.95 each


GRINDER COOKIE- Use the "Grinder Cookie" to push glass against your grinder head. Turn the "Cookie" to move the glass back and forth. Works great and protects your fingers from getting cut and bruised.

  • Grinder Cookie
    (#2698)- Reg. $11.95