Flexi-Glass is a whole new way to create decorative elements for your kiln-worked glass. Developed by artist David Alcala, Flexi-Glass can create paper-like films of glass, mica powder, lusters or Flexi-Glass enamels. Once you make the glass films, you can cut the film with scissors or a punch to create shapes you wouldn't ordinarily be able to cut from sheet glass.

You can also create glass threads without having to set up a vitrigraph. Simply mix Flexi-Glass medium with Flexi-Glass enamels and you can pull your own threads in minutes. You'll soon discover the many uses of Flexi-Glass are only limited by your imagination. Better yet, Flexi-Glass medium goes a long way. You won't believe how many new project ideas will pour from this little bottle. For comprehensive instructions on how to use Flexi-Glass click here.

Flexi-Glass can be purchased as a kit or you can purchase just individual items as you need them. The Flexi-Glass kit contains evereything you need to get started; 5 FG transfer sheets, 2 bags of FG enamels (black & blue), 1 silver mica, and one 4 oz. bottle of FG medium. Other colors of FG enamel and mica powder available separately. Flexi-Glass is not COE dependant.

Flexi-Glass Kit
(3450) reg. $39.95
Sold out- Discontinued

Shapes created by making Flexi-Glass glass film and then cut with scissors.

Threads of Flexi-Glass enamels made with Flexi-glass medium.

Mica powder and Flexi-Glass medium brushed onto transfer sheet. Film can then be cut with scissors or punch.

Flexi-Glass Medium
We carry Flexi-Glass medium in 4 oz. bottles. It's the amazing binder that holds glass frit, Flexi-Glass enamels, mica powder or luster in the Flexi-Glass system.
Fleix-Glass Medium- 4 oz.
(3451-04) reg. $14.95
On Sale- $12.95

Flexi-Glass Transfer Sheets
The other special component of the Flexi-Glass system. FG Transfer Sheets are a specially designed plastic that does not cause the FG Medium to bead up when applied wet, will withstand temperatures up to 350º for drying the FG Medium, and will not stick to the FG Medium after it is dry. FG Transfer Sheets come in 9” x 12” sheets with five sheets per pack.
Fleix-Glass Transfer Sheets- 5/pack.
(3452) reg. $14.95
On Sale- $12.95

Flexi-Glass Enamels
Flexi-Glass creator, David Alcala, discovered that only these enamels had a special "stringy quality" when mixed with the FG medium. The strings are drizzled over the FG Transfer Sheets and heated in a pre-heated 200 degree kiln for 15-20 minutes. The resulting stringers are then pealed off the Transfer Sheets and included in your fused glass project. Be sure to cap the project. All enamels are sold in 1 oz. packages.
Fleix-Glass Black Enamel- 1 oz.(3455-01)
Reg. $19.69
On Sale- $17.75

Fleix-Glass Blue Enamel- 1 oz.(3455-02)
Reg. $21.89
On Sale- $19.69

Fleix-Glass Brown Enamel- 1 oz.(3455-03)
Reg. $17.95
On Sale- $16.15

Fleix-Glass Yellow Enamel- 1 oz.(3455-04)
Reg. $18.59
On Sale- $16.75

Fleix-Glass Red Enamel- 1 oz.(3455-05)
Reg. $21.89
On Sale- $19.69

Flexi-Glass Mica Powders
These are a fine powdered mica that is used to make Flexi-Glass Luster Sheets that can be cut with scissors or punches. Just mix with FG medium and brush onto FG transfer sheets. Bake in a pre-heated 200 degree kiln for 30 minutes.
Fleix-Glass Gold Mica Powder (3454-01)
Reg. $9.49
On Sale- $8.49

Fleix-Glass Silver Mica Powder (3454-02)
Reg. $9.49
On Sale- $8.49