Since 1973 Uroboros Glass has been making an exceptional range of glass in sophisticated colors, textures and styles for both traditional and contemporary designers. Uroboros not only provides the finest Tiffany reproduction glass available, they are also among the innovators in the fused glass field producing both COE 90 and COE 96 expansion glass.
STREAKIES - Uroboros Studios make complex hand-rolled streakies with up to 5 colors within a sheet of glass. Their subtle crinkled surface texture breaks up light that passes through the minor variations in glass thickness and creates gorgeous brilliance. Their unique color combinations are rivaled by few in the glass industry. FRACTURES & STREAMERS - Made from paper-thin blown shards of colored glass fused to the back surface of sheet glass during the rolling process. Hand-stretched streamers of glass are combined with the fractures to create gorgeous backgrounds to floral and landscape windows. Typically used to create an impressionist view of flowers, leaves and vines in landscape windows. Also available as Fractured glass without the streamers.
RING MOTTLES - A Tiffany invention that was lost after the closure of Tiffany Studios, ring mottles were resurrected by Eric Lovell, founder of Uroboros Studios. Ring mottles provide the glass artist with non-linear organic forms that lend themselves beautifully to landscapes, florals and impressionist-style glasswork. RIPPLE - Uroboros makes 3 styles of ripple that are unrivaled in the glass field. They produce a Herringbone Ripple that's very useful for leaf imagery and wonderful for thin borders. Their Granite Ripple adds terrific texture to leaves, tree bark and ground cover. Smooth ripple is also available that is widely used for water and borders.
GRANITE - Close to 30 of the streaky colors that Uroboros manufactures are available with a granite surface texture. This wonderful naturalistic texture provides depth, complexity and sparkle to any use. Since Granite is of fairly consistent thickness, it is much easier to cut than you would imagine. GRANITE MOTTLES - Talk about complexity; the combination of ring mottles and granite texture add fantastic depth to this style of glass. Very useful for background glass; to create the effect of many cut and soldered foreground pieces of glass.